V-Band Clamp Set Stainless Steel (self aligning)

$ 46.00

Self aligning flange, great for DIY (Do It Yourself) custom turbo back exhaust setups or modifications needed when upgrading to a turbo with a V-Band flanged turbine housing. This allows easy removal and servicing of turbo components. These can be easily installed at any muffler shop, automotive welding shop, or enthusiast garage with a personal MIG or TIG welder. Stainless steel adds attractive longevity to your setup without the necessity of high temp paint or thermal coating to deter rust and corrosion.

Kit Includes

-(2) CNC 304 stainless steel self aligning flange

-(1) V-Band Clamp

(Size refers to Inner Diameter or I.D.)


-V-band style clamp

-Available in following sizes - 2", 2.25", 2.5", 3", 3.5", 4", and 5"

-CNC flange machined out of 304 stainless steel

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