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Like so many of you, we are car enthusiasts. Starting as a group of friends spending week nights and weekends in the garage turning wrenches, tuning our cars, and laying on cold concrete. We looked through the internet, speed shops, and magazines for a wish list of parts to complete our daily driver that we promised ourselves not to modify. In many cases the aftermarket could neither provide what was needed or fit our limited budget. We found we weren’t alone, so we decided to create gnari. 

We began prototyping parts that would be easy to install, modify, and manufacture. We worked hard to develop parts that worked well and fit the budget of the average “Do it yourself” garage build, but still retained the quality and fitment we all desire as car guys. After a lot of late nights we are now able to provide these parts to the greater car community. Our focus is on street, strip, and track performance for all car enthusiasts. We believe quality is not just for those with a large budget and we stand behind our products and will always try to resolve any issues in favor of all people invested. We also respect all custom and or modified cars, and want to provide a place that car people can show off their hard work, with no loyalty to one make or model. So please enjoy and feel free to submit photos of your car or car artwork, send us emails with questions on products, suggestions for new prototypes you’d like to see, or even improvements to our current kits. Thanks for visiting and we hope to see your projects soon.

For those of you wondering, gnari ( pronounced: NahrEe /ˈnaː.ri./ ) is from the Latin word for applied knowledge. 

–Shaun Smith
gnari performance parts
(626) 344-7074

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