Downpipe / Exhaust / V-Band

3" Turbocharger down-pipe for Ford/Mercury GN35R Turbocharged 2.3L

$ 119.00

The 3" stainless steel down-pipe allows for unrestricted exhaust gas evacuation from our GN35R turbocharger. It is a great start to route back into the OEM or custom exhaust system. The down-pipe is an integral part of a turbo system; by releasing the exhaust without restriction into the exhaust system allowing boost pressure to build early in the RPM range. In most OEM systems the down-pipe or turbo-elbow with internal style waste-gate is restrictive, especially in performance applications, allowing undesirable inconsistencies and loss of horsepower. Our 3" down-pipe combined with our GN35R turbocharger presents an opportunity to easily increase horsepower.

Kit Includes

Part Number: GN-DOWN-FRD-23L

-(1) 3" Stainless steel turbocharger down-pipe

-(1) Installation hardware kit​


Down-pipe for gnari GN35R Turbocharger equipped

84-86 Mustang SVO

83-88 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe

83-86 Cougar XR7

85-89 Merkur XR4Ti

Most Ford Fox Body Lima 2.3L Turbo swapped vehicles

Product Spec:

- 3" stainless steel turbo down-pipe

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