Stainless Steel T-Clamps

$ 2.75

Stainless steel T-clamps are used for many applications including but not limited to, cold air intake air filters, sealing water/coolant lines, brake ducting, and intercooler piping. Adding T-clamps to properly flanged intercooler pipes in a turbocharged car is very important. The resulting issues from over-looking this, including boost and vacuum leaks, can go from irritating to catastrophic. 

T-clamps (also known as a ‘hose clamp’) are designed to provide even pressure on all sides, with no gaps. They are most useful in moderate to high-pressure applications, such as those found in automotive turbo-charging. When used in conjunction with reinforced silicon couplers the T-clamps can withstand high-pressures and can be pushed to capacity without issue, allowing for versatility from mild to high-boost applications. In extreme boost applications Flexible Tube Connectors (Wiggins clamps) are recommended, due to the ability to surpass 125psi.

Kit Includes

-Stainless Steel T-clamp of chosen size 

(Size refers to Inner Diameter or I.D.)


-Stainless Steel T-bolt style clamp

- Available in following sizes – 2", 2.25", 2.5", 2.75", 3", 3.5", 4.0", and 5.0"

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