External Waste-gate Burn-pipe for Ford/Mercury Turbocharged 2.3L

$ 49.00

Our stainless Burn-pipe allows for unrestricted exhaust gas evacuation from the Waste-gate to under the car. It can also be a great start to route back into the turbo down-pipe or your custom exhaust. The External Waste-gate is an integral part of a turbo system; it releases the exhaust to bypass the turbocharger to maintain boost pressure throughout the RPM range. In most OEM systems the internal style waste-gate is limited and can even be restrictive especially in heavy use scenarios, allowing undesirable inconsistencies and tuning issues. Adaption of an external Waste-gate and Burn-pipe to replace the internal style found in most OEM forced induction systems, presents an opportunity to increase boost pressure by providing the proper exhaust flow needed to reduce "boost creep" and/or "turbo surge."

Kit Includes

Part Number: GN-BURN-FRD-23L

-(1) 38mm Waste-gate Burn-pipe

-(1) Installation hardware kit​


​Burn-pipe for gnari external waste-gate Cast Manifold equipped

84-86 Mustang SVO

83-88 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe

83-86 Cougar XR7

85-89 Merkur XR4Ti

Most Ford Lima 2.3L Turbo swapped vehicles

Product Spec:

- 38mm stainless steel waste-gate burn-pipe

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