Radiator Catch Can - Large Cylindrical

$ 85.00

We have hunted through many junkyards hoping to find an OEM catch can in good shape for our project cars, after finding out that the manufacturer wants $300 for an original or they’re just not made anymore. Instead we decided to add this versatile part to our inventory to help aide those that are looking for an attractive and inexpensive fix to a common problem. Our all aluminum catch can is great for all car enthusiasts that want to swap out the old cracked plastic catch can into their project car.

Kit Includes

​Part Number: GN-RDCT-CYLG

-(1) Aluminum radiator catch can with fluid level indicator


​Radiator catch can

- Mounting modifications needed for installation

Tank Spec:

- Aluminum construction

- Tank size: 3" (diameter) x 11" (height)

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