GN35R Ball Bearing Turbocharger

$ 499.00

Our Turbocharger allows for an easy upgrade and installation for any boost ready engine. It's a perfect fit for getting the most out of your turbocharged project. An easy upgrade for many turbocharged cars to allow for additional air flow and more aggressive fuel and tuning. A properly sized turbo in combination to one of our proven three-inch core front mount intercooler is a great choice if you are looking for a street car that can make big power. We love to see custom DIY / Garage built project cars, so make sure to submit pictures to show off what you’re working on and/or installation of our parts. Fitment will vary when combining with other custom or aftermarket parts. We offer many universal and custom parts and will work with you to meet all your turbo needs.

Kit Includes

Part Number: GN-35R-BB

-(1) GN35R turbocharger with ball bearing compressor

-(1) 3’ OD 4-bolt turbo down-pipe flange

-(1) Water and oil fittings

-(1) Model specific hardware kit


-GN35R Turbo with Ball Bearing Compressor

-Oil and Water-cooled Center Cartridge

-4" Compressor Air Inlet / 2.5" Outlet

-3” OD 4-bolt Exhaust Outlet 

-Turbine Housing Uses T3 Bolt Pattern

-Easily achieve 250~500+ WHP with proper tuning

-6-36psi Functional Pressure Map

-.70 A/R Compressor - 82mm Wheel

-.63 A/R Turbine - 67.8mm Wheel

-All our Turbos are Verified with Computer Balance / Flow Testing

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