Fuel Injection Surge Tank with AN Fittings for Fuel Injected Engines

$ 99.00

Our all aluminum surge tank is great for all those garage enthusiasts that want to swap a fuel-injected engine into their old project car. This opens the door for many performance and power upgrades, without the possibility of starving the engine of fuel, especially while on the track. Currently we are in the middle of an engine swap on our Datsun 240z build that uses this setup along with some readily available OEM fuel pumps. We will post the build on our projects page soon. We love to see custom DIY / Garage built cars and engine swaps, so make sure to submit pictures via our email to show off what you’re working on or installation of our parts. We offer many universal and custom parts and will work with you to meet all your project needs.

Kit Includes

​Part Number: GN-FIST-AN

-(1) Aluminum fuel injection surge tank


​Fuel surge tank for

Fuel injected performance vehicles

Carbureted vehicles with fuel injected engine swap

- Mounting modifications needed for installation

Tank Spec:

- Aluminum construction

- Tank size: 5" (diameter) x 7"(height)

- AN fittings:

  AN -8 (vertical top fitting)

  AN -6 (horizontal top 2 fittings)

  AN -8 (bottom fitting)