Aluminum Battery Box Universal Relocation Kit

$ 159.00

Our new all aluminum battery box kit comes with everything needed to move you cars battery to a better location. Whether you’re trying to corner balance your car for better performance or you just added a front mount intercooler kit and need the space, this will make it easy. The all aluminum battery box fits most automotive batteries, make sure to double check with the measurements listed above.

Kit Includes

Part Number: GN-BATK-CBL

​-(1) Aluminum Battery Box and Cap

-(1) Heavy Duty Aluminum Battery Cross Bar

-(1) Hardware Installation Kit

-(1) 12’ / 365cm (Red) Positive Wire with Ring Terminals

-(1) 3’ / 91cm (Black) Ground Wire with Ring Terminals

-(2) Gold Plated Battery Terminals


​Aluminum Battery Box Relocation Kit

- Size (Length x Width x Height)

- 12" / 305mm x 8.5" / 216mm x 10.5" / 267mm

- Universal Fit – Installation varies, some modification will be needed.

- Adjust vehicle weight distribution to gain better performance.

- Creates additional room in the engine compartment for FMIC upgrades and turbo kits.