Intercooler / FMIC Kit

Front Mount Intercooler Kit for Merkur XR4Ti

$ 539.00

Perfect fit for getting the most out of your turbocharged Merkur XR4Ti with out any cutting or drilling of the chassis, completely reversible. A great upgrade to safely allow for additional boost and more aggressive tuning. A three-inch core is a perfect choice to retain heat exchange efficiency and avoid pressure drop. We love to see custom DIY / Garage built turbo kits so make sure to submit pictures to show off what you’re working on or installation of our complete kit. Fitment will vary when combining with other custom or aftermarket parts. ‘Clocking’ of vertical or “12 O’clock” turbo compressor housings or modification of 2-bolt compressor outlets, may be necessary. If the OEM style internal waste-gate is retained the bracket may need modification once the compressor housing is positioned. This kit is not a difficult modification but extremely tedious and professional installation is highly recommended. If you do not want to modify or ‘clock’ your compressor housing please select “with ‘no-clock’ kit” if desired. We also offer many universal and custom parts and will work with you to meet all your project needs.

Kit Includes

​Part Number: GN-FMIC-MKR-XR4Ti

-(1) Aluminum performance intercooler

-(1) Blow Off Valve (BOV) with billet aluminum recirculation adapter

-(1) Model specific hardware installation kit

-(5) Aluminum intercooler pipes with integrated BOV flange

-(1) Aluminum turbo inlet to air meter pipe

-(8) Silicon couplers and T-band clamp set


​Bolt on front mount intercooler Kit for

85-89 Merkur XR4Ti

Retains carbon canister function and location

Intercooler Spec:

- Bar & Plate Aluminum Intercooler

- Core size: 18"x12"x3"

- Overall size: 25"x12"x3"

- 2.5" inlet & outlet

Aluminum Piping:

-Mandrel bent aluminum piping with rolled lip and blow off valve flange

-Aluminum, turbo inlet to air meter, pipe with recirculation provision

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