Engine Swap

Datsun 510 Cross Member for KA24DE or SR20DET engine swap

$ 499.00

Our heavy duty all aluminum 510 cross member makes installation of the Nissan SR20DET or KA24DE engines a weekend job by reducing the amount of fabrication needed. Flip the stock 510 transmission cross member and you’ve got a securely mounted fuel injected engine ready to power your 510. Using stock Nissan engine-mounting hardware eases future maintenance and makes performance upgrades readily available. In addition to easing the engine swap process it increases the chassis stiffness and the overall performance.

Kit Includes

​Part Number: GN-XMBR-510-SRKA

-(1) Heavy Duty Solid Aluminum Cross Member 


​Aluminum cross member for

68-73 Datsun 510

…for use with Nissan SR20DET or KA24DE engine swap

- Significantly increases front chassis strength and stability.

- Creates additional room in the engine compartment for turbo and exhaust upgrades.

- Installation varies, some mild modification maybe needed.

- Uses OEM Nissan / Nismo engine mounts (not included)